Where to buy groundnut oil machine in Lagos, Nigeria to start cooking oil business?

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Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd has built the warehouse and branch office in Lagos, Nigeria already, so if you are planning to begin the groundnut oil business and want to buy groundnut oil machine, you can contact us and then go to our warehouse to see the groundnut oil machine.

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Why do I suggest you to do that?

Firstly, China is the biggest cooking oil machine manufacturing factory in the word, and the machines with the reasonable cost and good quality, popular among investors. Henan Doing Company is one of the professional cooking oil machine manufacturers in China, and has close cooperation with African customers all the time. For better communication and services, Doing Company decided to build the warehouse and branch office in Lagos, Nigeria last year. Now they have already in use.

groundnut oil machine in nigeriaSome machines in the Nigerian warehouse of Henan Doing Company

Secondly, choosing Henan Doing Company, you don't have to worry about the after-sale problems and parts replacement. We will periodically arrange the sales manager and engineers to stay there, to solve these problems. If there is big project, the communication between sales manager, customer and engineer will be more convenient.  

Are there other benefits to buy groundnut oil machine from Doing Company?

1. The quality and oil yield of DOING Brand groundnut oil machine is higher than Nigerian local groundnut oil machine.

2. Doing Company is manufacturer, so the price won't be very high.

3. If there is no machines you want in the warehouse, Doing Company can send the groundnut oil machine with our other machines together, and you don't have to worry about the transportation problems.

groundnut oil machineSent machines to Nigerian warehouse of Henan Doing Company

4. If you buy the groundnut oil machine directly from warehouse, you can use it immediately, and don't need to wait any more.

Hurry, send your needs to us! Starting groundnut oil business in Nigeria is a very wise decision. Nigerian government is encouraging local industrial, especially of the cooking oil processing. Because there are plenty of raw materials in Nigeria but don't have factory to process them. This gives the business man a good chance to begin the groundnut oil business. Welcome you to visit our warehouse and branch office in Lagos, Nigeria!

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