Why does crude vegetable oil need to be refined into RBD edible oil?

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Most people know that self-squeezed groundnut oil in small oil mill is edible, so they are confused why crude vegetable oil need to be refined into RBD edible oil?

Although after simple filtration, the crude vegetable oil can be used to cook food, the crude vegetable oil contains many impurities and unhealthy substances, which makes the crude vegetable oil smell not good and uneasy to store. So the crude vegetable oil is not fulfill the standard of nation, and can not be sold in the market.

sunflower oil production processCrude vegetable oil production process (Take sunflower oil as an example)

Besides, most people don't know crude vegetable oil can also be extracted by solvent extraction technology. Industry regulations say the leached vegetable oil must be refined before it can be sold. Because solvent extraction technology uses solvent (n-hexane) to extract oil from oil seeds or cakes, and at last, there may be a little n-hexane left. Through refining, the residual n-hexane, other impurities and unhealthy substances will be all removed. And the storage time of RBD edible oil is longer and its sale market is more.

There is another viewpoint that RBD edible oil is nonnutritive. Actually, the purpose of refining is to remove unhealthy substances, preserve biological property of vegetable oil and to retain useful substances. So edible oil refining process won't destroy the nutrients in vegetable oil. On the contrary it is more conducive to the human body to absorb nutrients in the vegetable oil.

edible oil refining processThe crude vegetable oil refining process flow chart

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Now, have you understand why the crude vegetable oil need to be refined? With the rapid development of edible oil processing industry and people's more attention to health, the demand of RBD edible oil is growing. Already, many investors have seen the opportunity to make money. They came to our Henan Doing Company to inspect edible oil refining machine and learned about the edible oil refining technology. Especially, many African customers planned to set up palm oil refinery plant. Because the crude palm oil selling price became lower and lower, they want to sell RBD palm oil instead.

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