What machines are needed to set up a mini soybean oil mill plant?

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Normally, soybean oil processing requires a series machines to finish different functions. A mini soybean oil mill plant contains the following processes, like cleaning, cooking, oil pressing, oil filtration and oil refining, etc. 

mini soybean oil mill plantMachines for mini soybean oil mill plant

As the above picture shows, the main equipment for a mini soybean oil mill plant is cleaning machine, cooking machine, soybean oil presser, plate filter machine, conveyors and small soybean oil refining machine. They are usually suitable for 1-10 tons per day input capacity, and our engineer can also design them based on your requirement.

The biggest advantage of the mini soybean oil mill plant is that it uses mechanical forces to squeeze oil out from the soybeans, which can totally ensure that there is no chemical solvent residuals. In addition, there are other many advantages of setting up a mini soybean oil mill plant:

1. Mini soybean oil mill plant is very easy to install, operate and maintains.

2. It requires lowest investment, and it can help you gain profits quickly.

3. These machines only needs small workshop area and several operators.

4. It can also be customized into larger input capacity based on your budget and requirement.

5. It can be widely used to process other vegetable oils, such as groundnut, sunflower seed, cottonseed, rapeseed, etc.

The small soybean oil refining machine is also multifunctional, which can not only refine crude soybean oil, but also refine crude sunflower oil, groundnut oil, rapeseed oil, rice bran oil, palm oil, palm kernel oil, etc. It is also one of our hot-sale products.

small soybean oil refining machineSmall soybean oil refining machine

As the above picture shows the small soybean oil refining machine has four main refining tanks, which are used to remove colloidal impurities, free fatty acid, pigments and odors from crude soybean oil. Generally, the soybean oil refining machine and soybean oil processing machines are separated to be installed in two workshops. However, if your workshop is big enough, our engineer can design them to be installed in one workshop.

Mini soybean oil mill plant has many cost-effective features, so it is very popular among many small and medium investors. If you are planning to set up a mini soybean oil mill plant for your own or business purposes, welcome to send your requirement to us! Our sales will reply you within 24 hours.

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