Nigeria customer purchased a set of YZYX90 sunflower oil press machine from Henan Glory Company

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On June 15, 2021, one customer from Nigeria purchased a set of YZYX90 sunflower oil press machine from Henan Glory Company. The purpose of he bought the new sunflower oil press is to replace the existing old equipment and ensure that he could make more money from sunflower oil processing business.

Techinical parameters of YZYX90 sunflower oil press machine:

Model Machine photo Input capacity(tons/24-hour) Oil residual rate of cake(%) Revolving speed of pressing screw(r/min) Power(kw) Overall dimensions(mm) Height*Width*Depth Weight(kg)

screw oil press machine

≥3 ≤7.8 32~42 5.5 1200×550×1000 285

It was only by chance that he noticed the sunflower oil press machine provided by Henan Glory Company, then he began to look for the Henan Glory Company's official website and began to focus on his project cases. The more he learned, the more he became interested in our equipment. Finally, he decided to contact us directly.

He started the first inquiry on June 3. He asked for detailed information about the weight, floor space, power and other aspects of the sunflower oil press machine. Our project manager answered all the questions meticulously. In addition, in the process of communicating with the client, our project manager also sent the client many videos of feedback of cooking oil press machine from other clients for his reference. After watching these videos, he became more satisfied with our equipment and the cost was within his budget. So the Nigerian customer immediately placed an order and expressed that he was looking forward to our equipment installation.

sunflower oil press machineSmall scale sunflower oil press machine produced by Henan Glory Company

This Nigerian customer also told us he has another British friend who also needs cooking oil processing equipment but need to wait until his device is successfully installed and put into production. And if his sunflower oil press machine running well, his friend will not hesitate to buy from our company. I believe our the quality of our sunflower oil press machine and I believe that our equipment will lever let our customers down, more information about this project, please keep on paying attention to our news updates.

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