Nayong County Government purchased 4.5t/d rapeseed oil processing machine from Henan Glory Company!

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On September 14, 2021, Nayong County Government successfully purchased 4.5t/d rapeseed oil processing machine from Henan Glory Company, including cooker, bucket elevator, automatic temperature controlled integrated oil press machine with vacuum filter and the whole set of rapeseed oil refining machine.

These machines can not only help realize automation and large-scale rapeseed oil production, but also ensure that refined rapeseed oil can meet the high standard and high quality requirements of market.

rapeseed oil processing machine4.5t/d rapeseed oil processing machine that Nayong County Government purchased

In response to the call of the national anti-poverty policy,Nayong County government decided to make full use of rapeseed planting advantages in the local area to develop rapeseed oil deep processing industry for economic development. Therefore, the county government commissioned a professor from the local Agricultural Science and Technology University to seek professional rapeseed oil processing machine suppliers. After careful comparisons, the professor was attracted by Glory's rich cooking oil processing machine manufacturing and installation experience and contacted with us.

After fully understanding the project requirements, on the one hand, our engineers customized specific rapeseed oil processing solutions for this project; on the other hand, our project manager led the county government staff to visit our factory and test the machine. The county government expressed satisfaction with our machine so he invited our project manager to visit their rapeseed oil processing plant demonstration base and sign the contract. After further confirming the machine configuration and contract details, Nayong County government successfully purchased 4.5t/d rapeseed oil processing machine from Glory.

customised specific rapeseed oil processing solutionsOur engineers are working on a customised rapeseed oil processing solution for this project

At present, the rapeseed oil processing equipment ordered by Nayong County government is ready to be put into production, and it is expected to be completed smoothly within 2 months. If you also have cooking oil processing investing ideas, welcome to consult us to customize suitable cooking oil processing machine!

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