What is the best way to process peanut oil?

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As professional cooking oil making machine manufacturer, I can tell you what is the best way to process peanut oil is based on your budget and requirement, because the best way should be the one that is most suitable for you.

peanut oilPeanut and peanut oil

As we all know, peanut is with very high oil content rate, around 40-55%. So the press method is usually the best way to process peanut oil, and you can get high quality pressed peanut oil, which can be sold at high price. But the residual oil rate of press method is a little high, about 8%. So if the input capacity of your peanut oil production line per day is large scale, like 100, 200, 300, 500, 800 tons, our engineers will advise you to add peanut oil solvent extraction plant to extract the oil from pressed peanut cakes, to avoid the oil waste.

About the processing methods and machines needed for different capacities peanut oil production plant, now Doing Company introduces them for you briefly, and hope you can know which one kind is the best way for you to process peanut oil.

peanut oil press machineScrew oil press machine and screw oil presser with filter

For small scale peanut oil production plant, we can offer 50kg/h to 500kg/h peanut oil press machine. One kind is single screw oil presser, and the another is single screw oil presser with filter. Using the single screw peanut oil presser, you process about 10 tons of peanut kernels per day, and you will get around 4-5 tons crude peanut oil.

peanut oil production plantPeanut oil pressing production line

For medium scale peanut oil production plant like 10-50TPD, we can provide peanut pretreatment machines and peanut oil press machine, which includes cleaning, crushing, flaking, cooking, pressing and filtration. These machines can be adjusted based on your total budget. Comparing with small scale peanut oil production plant, the machines of medium scale peanut oil production plant is a complete production line, the working efficiency is higher, and the oil loss is less.

peanut oil production machinePeanut oil solvent extarction plant

For input capacities above 30TPD, you can consider to use pre-press and solvent extraction method, because you will get more oil. After peanut is pretreated, the peanut oil pre-press machine will press large amount oil out, and remain 15% oil in peanut cakes. Then peanut oil solvent extraction plant uses N-hexane to extract oil from the peanut cake, making total oil residue lower than 1%.

Besides, we also provide peanut oil refinery machine with different capacities. You can choose to add peanut oil refinery plant or not according to your final peanut oil market requirement.

Now, do you know which kind method is the best way for you? In fact, a project solution is very complicated because there are many detailed information needed to discuss with engineers. So, if you want to set up a peanut oil production plant, please send your requirement to us!

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