How to press sunflower oil from seeds?

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If you want to press sunflower oil, you definitely want to know how to press sunflower oil from seeds. Here we will divide the pressing process of sunflower oil into 6 parts for you, and introduce the pressing process in detail.

sunflower oil press process Sunflower oil press process flow chart


Before pressing sunflower seeds, we need to use cleaning machine to remove the impurities in the sunflower seeds, such as stones, soil, and metal, so as not to damage the machine.


In this part, we first need to use a crusher to break the shell, and then use the difference in weight of sunflower kernels and shells to separate sunflower kernels.


We need to flake the sunflower seeds into thin slices with a flaking machine, which can destroy the tissue cells of the oil and increase the oil yield.


Cooking is to adjust the temperature and moisture of sunflower seed kernels, so that the sunflower seeds can reach the best condition to facilitate the subsequent pressing.


Pressing is the core step in extracting sunflower oil. In this step, we need to use a screw sunflower oil press machine to press sunflower oil seeds. After pressing, the residual oil rate is less than 8%. If you want more sunflower oil yield, you can pre-press sunflower seeds and then extract the sunflower oil by solvent extracting. In this way, the residual oil rate can be less than 1%.


Filtration can remove impurities in sunflower oil and improve oil quality. Usually, we use plate filter and clarification tank to filter impurities.

sunflower oil sunflower seedSunflower oil and sunflower seeds

The above is the standard sunflower oil pressing process. Of course, if your processing capacity is less than 10tpd, you only need to buy a Integrated sunflower oil press machine or build a simple sunflower oil press production line, including drum roster, sunflower oil press machine and plate filter. Whether it is a whole sunflower oil production line or a sunflower oil press machine, Henan Doing Company can provide it with high quality service. If you want to press sunflower oil from seeds, please contact us right now!

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