How to make cooking oil? What methods can be used to make cooking oil?

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Cooking oil is an essential part of our cooking. Adding some edible oil during cooking can increase the nutrients ingested and can also change the taste of the dishes. So how to make cooking oil? What methods can be used to make edible oil?

Generally speaking, we often make cooking oil in two methods, pressing and solvent extracting.

Pressing: Pressing method is suitable for high oil content raw materials, such as peanuts, soybeans, sunflower seeds, etc. The standard pressing production line includes several steps of cleaning, cooking, pressing, and filtering,etc. The residual oil rate of the cake with pressing method can be less than 8%. The oil can be directly consumed or sold. If you want to build a small scale oil processing workshop, an integrated press and filtration machine can meet your demand. If the processing capacity is more than 10 TPD, you’d better equipped a whole press production line, including cleaning, cooking, pressing, and filtering steps.

cooking oil press machineCooking oil press plant

Solvent extracting: If you want use solvent extraction method to make cooking oil, the oil content of raw materials is best around 20%, such as rice bran and soybeans. However, for raw materials with high oil content, we can also pre-press to make the oil content in the cake reach about 15%, and then use solvent extraction method. The solvent extraction method has to pretreat the raw materials, including cleaning, cooking, pressing, puffing, etc. And the steps of pretreatment are different according to the raw materials. After the pretreatment, we use solvent to extracting oil, and the residual oil rate in the meal is less than 1%. The meal can be sold as animal feed. But the oil obtained by solvent extracting must be refined before it can be consumed or sold. In general, if your process capacity is above 30tpd, we recommend you using solvent extraction method.

edible oil solvent extraction machineCooking oil solvent extraction plant

These are the two commonly used cooking oil production methods. The machines used in different methods are also different. Henan Company can provide you with high-quality pressing and solvent extracting machine. If you need it, contact us.

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