The rapeseed oil production line ordered by our Chinese customer has been shipped

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On December 3, 2021, the complete set of the rapeseed oil pressing & refining production line equipment ordered by our Chinese customer has been shipped. This rapeseed oil production line equipment includes the rapeseed oil pressing equipment, rapeseed oil refining equipment and rapeseed oil filling equipment. The following are the delivery site pictures:

rapeseed oil production lineThe delivery of DOING rapeseed oil production line

The key components delivered for rapeseed oil production line equipment include:

1. Pressing: winnowing screen, electric heating drum baking machine, screw conveyor, screw rapeseed oil pressing equipment, plate and frame filter;

2. Refining: rapeseed oil refining equipment, circulating water tank, decolorizing oil tank, vacuum oil filter;

3. Filling: refined oil storage tanks, oil pumps, filling machines, capping machines, compressed air storage tanks.

rapeseed oil refining equipmentDOING rapeseed oil refining equipment

The cleaning equipment and pretreatment equipment in the pressing workshop ensure high output and high-quality oil to the greatest extent. Plate and frame filters remove residual impurities and maintain oil purity; The circulating water tank in the refining workshop can adjust the temperature and promote efficient cooling during the refining process, and Henan DOING uses frames and pipes made of high-quality materials to ensure the seamless flow of rapeseed oil, which is durable and not easily damaged; The equipment in the filling workshop simplifies the packaging and storage process, making it efficient while maintaining the freshness of the finished oil.

Henan DOING is honored to be entrusted with this project. Our customer in Guizhou, China is the mayor of a local town. This rapeseed oil pressing & refining production line equipment will be used by farmers in this town. And we're honored to contribute to the development of rapeseed oil production in this town in Guizhou.

Henan DOING is a leading manufacturer and supplier of advanced cooking oil production lines. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to innovation, we strive to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions to meet their needs. Our comprehensive equipment covers all aspects of processing of different oilseeds, ensuring efficiency, quality and maximum yield.

rapeseed oil production lineThe rapeseed oil pressing & refining production line equipment

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