Henan DOING Machinery Nigeria LTD was established and our Nigeria factory is under construction

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We are thrilled to announce that Henan DOING Machinery CO, LTD, a leading Chinese manufacturer of cooking oil processing plants, has established a new subsidiary in Nigeria--Henan DOING Machinery Nigeria LTD. This expansion marks a significant step forward in Henan DOING's global growth strategy and further strengthens its presence in the African market.

Henan DOING Machinery Nigeria LTDHenan DOING Machinery Nigeria LTD

Henan DOING Machinery aims to provide comprehensive solutions for cooking oil material pretreatment, pressing, refining, solvent extracting, dewaxing, palm oil and palm kernel oil pressing, refining and fractionating, etc. The establishment of the Nigerian subsidiary comes in response to the growing demand for cooking oil processing machines in the region. In particular, more promising opportunities are provided for the local palm oil industry.

The cooking oil processing machinesThe cooking oil processing machines of Henan DOING Machinery

Henan DOING Machinery Nigeria LTD, ranging from machinery and equipment supply to technical support and after-sales services. Through localized production and distribution channels, our company strives to better serve Nigerian customers by offering tailored solutions that cater to their specific needs and requirements.

The construction of our factory in Nigeria is currently underway and is expected to be completed by 2024. The factory will have advanced manufacturing equipment and cutting-edge technology, and ensure the same production standards and efficiency as our current factory in China. This also provides convenience to many African customers. Not only can they obtain high-quality cooking oil processing plants, but they can also save a lot of freight costs.

nigeria cooking oil processing plants factoryOur Nigeria factory construction site

"We are excited about establishing a subsidiary in Nigeria," a spokesman for Henan DOING Machinery said. “This strategic move reinforces our commitment to providing high-quality cooking oil processing solutions globally. We look forward to working closely with our Nigerian partners to contribute to the sustainable growth of the country’s cooking oil industry.”

Looking forward to the completion of our Nigerian factory as soon as possible to better serve Nigerian customers. And our Nigerian subsidiary is located at 19B Kudirat Abiola Way Olusosun Bus stop, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria. Welcome to contact us to make an appointment for a visit and inspection.

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