A set of rapeseed oil press machine was sent to Xinxiang, Henan province, China

News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2020-06-05

After signing the contract and paid cash two days, the set of rapeseed oil press machine ordered by our Xinxiang's customer was packed in DOING Factory and sent to Xinxiang.

rapeseed oil press machineRapeseed oil press machine is packed and loaded in the truck

This set of rapeseed oil press machine bought by our Xinxiang's customer is automatic temperature controlled integrated oil press machine with vacuum filter. It can not only automatically control the press temperature when working for improving the oil yield rate, but also filter the crude rapeseed oil after pressing to improve the quality of rapeseed oil.

This order went well from we receive enquiry to signing the contract. Because he learned from our sales that our factory had produced a lot of cooking oil press machines in recent several month. If he decide rapeseed oil press machine to buy from our company, we can deliver the machine very soon. So after he came to visit our factory, directly sign the contract and paid the cash.

Now our Xinxiang's customer has received this set of rapeseed oil press machine. Recent two days, he plans use the rapeseeds harvested already to test the rapeseed oil press machine. We hope to receive a feedback video from him.

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