Two Russian customers came to see cooking oil solvent extraction equipment for producing rice bran oil

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On 8th November, our two Russian customers came to Henan Doing Company for inspecting the cooking oil solvent extraction equipment for producing rice bran oil. Before coming, they heard from our sales manager that in our factory, there are a set of 30tpd soybean oil solvent extraction equipment ready for delivery. So they can see the machine in person and the inner structure of these machines, so that learn about the manufacturing capacity of Henan Doing Company.

cooking oil solvent extraction equipmentSales manager take two Russia customers to see the 30tpd soybean oil solvent extraction equipment

After a brief exchange in Doing office, they went to Doing Factory. There, they not only saw the machines, but also listened to the introduction of sales manager at same time.

Before leaving, they were attracted by the picture wall in the reception of Doing Factory. These pictures are all the project finished by Henan Doing Company. So far, there has been more than 80 countries. 

henan doing companySales manager introduce the projects of Henan Doing Company

So Doing Company has rich experience in designing, manufacturing, installation, commissioning of cooking oil processing equipment. No matter you want cooking oil solvent extraction equipment, or cooking oil press equipment, refining equipment, fractionation, dewaxing equipment, Henan Doing Company can provide the best services for you. 

These two Russian customer expressed that they are very glad to cooperate with us. And they think Henan Doing Company has strong technical strength and processing capacity. We also hope we can cooperate each other! Look forward to hearing good news!

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