2020, new dream, new journey!

News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:Jan 21, 2020

Jan. 20th, 2020, Henan Doing Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd held a grand New Year's party. Almost everyone try his or her best to give a wonderful show after another. We spent a happy night in laughter and laughter.

doing companyThe group photo in our new year's party

Except for the wonderful shows, there are commendation, award and raffle games. At last, all the people of Doing Company took a group photo together to end this New Year's party.

Finally, we would like to remind our dear customers that Doing company will have a Spring Festival holiday on January 22nd - 31st. Please understand if we are not contacted with you in time. Here, wish you and your family in the New Year, good health, happiness accompanied by!

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