How many machines are needed in a small-scale peanut oil mill plant?

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The peanut oil mill plant is an essential sector, particularly in regions where peanuts are a staple crop. For entrepreneurs looking to start a small-scale peanut oil mill plant, understanding the machinery requirements is crucial for ensuring efficiency and productivity. This article takes an in-depth look at the number and types of machines are needed in a small-scale peanut oil mill plant.

1.Peanut Shelling Machine:

Peanuts need to be shelled before oil extraction. Shelling can not only increase the production capacity of peanut oil mill machine and improve the efficiency of oil extraction, but also reduce the wear of peanut oil mill machine. Peanut shelling machine is a commonly used machine in the peanut oil mill process.

2.Peanut Cleaning Machine:

Peanut cleaning machine is used to remove impurities such as leaves, sticks, stones, sand, dirt, spoiled seeds and metal contaminants. Examples include magnetic selector, de-stonner and vibrating cleaning sieve. Peanut cleaning avoids damage to other peanut oil mill machines.

Peanut cleaning machine.jpgPeanut cleaning machine

3.Peanut Crushing & Flaking Machine:

Peanuts need to be crushed before oil extraction because of their large size. In addition, since peanuts have a high oil content, peanut oil flaking machine may not be required if the yield is small. The function of the peanut crushing and flaking machine are to increase the contact area between the peanuts and the peanut oil press machine, which is more conducive to the oil press.

4.Peanut Roasting Machine:

While not all peanut oil mill plants roast peanuts before oil extraction, roasting can enhance the peanut oil's flavor and quality. Peanut roasting machine ensures uniform heating and improves the taste of the final oil product.

5.Peanut Oil Press Machine:

The heart of the peanut oil mill machine is the peanut oil press machine, which presses the oil out of the peanut through mechanical force. For a small-scale peanut oil mill plant, a screw peanut oil press machine is typically used due to its efficiency and moderate cost. Henan Glory Company is your best choice for this. In addition to screw peanut oil press machine, we also have integrated peanut oil press machine. Integrated peanut oil press machine has the unique features, such as less dimension, high oil extraction rate, low energy consumption and high automatic degree.

Peanut oil press machines.jpgPeanut oil press machines produced by Henan Glory Company

6.Peanut Oil Clarification and Filtration Machine:

After oil extraction, the crude peanut oil contains impurities that need to be removed. An peanut oil clarification machine uses centrifugal force to separate solid particles from the liquid, improving the peanut oil's clarity. Post-clarification, a fine filtration process is necessary to meet standards for consumer-grade peanut oil. Plate and frame filtration machine is commonly used for this purpose. Finally, the peanut oil is bottled and stored and can be sold.

Plate and frame filtration machine.jpgPlate and frame filtration machine

In conclusion, the above is just a basic setup for a small-scale peanut oil mill plant. The peanut oil mill machines needed may vary depending on specific requirements and production capacity. If you want to open a small-scale peanut oil mill plant, please feel free to contact us. We have designed perfect peanut oil mill plant solutions for many clients and have many years of experience.Our peanut oil mill machines have been exported to many countries overseas. Besides, we also manufacture edible oil mill machines suitable for other oils, such as soybeans, sunflower seeds, rice bran, rapeseed, corn germ, etc, so you can trust our strength.

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