How to choose soybean oil production process?

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Generally, Henan Doing Company will recommend suitable soybean oil production process depend on the requirement of customer, mainly depending on the requirement of final products.

soybean oil production processTwo methods of processing soybean oil

1. In order to extract soybean oil, and get soybean meal which can be used as fodder

The soybean oil production process is as following:

soybean --cleaning --crushing --softening --flaking --puffing/drying --solvent extraction --crude soybean oil/wet soybean meal

Crude soybean oil is sent to oil refinery plant, through a series of processing, to get refined soybean oil.

Wet meal is sent into DTDC system in solvent extraction plant, and finally get dry soybean meal which can be as fodder.

2. In order to get low denatured soybean meal at the same time extracting soybean oil

There is difference from the above soybean oil production process to adopt low temperature desolventizing method in solvent extraction process. 

In addition, after flaking, flaky soybean is sent to solvent extrator directly, without puffing or drying, in ordor to reduce the heat treatment.

3. Produce active defatted soybean powder and soybean oil using cold pressing process

Because the oil residual rate of cold pressing process should be control at less than 7%, it is necessary to cold press twice.

The cold pressing process is as following:

soybean --cleaning --crushing --softening --flaking --cold pressing --crude soybean oil/cold pressing soybean meal

Crude soybean oil need filtering by filter machine, and then sent to soybean oil refinery plant.

Cold pressing soybean meal will be superfinely comminuted to get active defatted soybean powder.

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