The difference between cold pressing and hot pressing methods

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Cooking oil pressing methods has two kinds: cold pressing and hot pressing methods. Henan Doing Company can provide cold pressing and hot pressing equipment according to your basic requirement. Next, I will tell the difference between cold pressing and hot pressing methods. Keep on reading!

cooking oil pressing machineThe difference between cold pressing and hot pressing methods

Cold pressing method:

There is one special screw oil presser called cold presser which the oilseed feeding temperature is under 80℃, and without the cooking step before pressing.

The features of cold pressing method:

1. Final oil color is best after cold pressing. If your final oil requirement on color has strict standard, we suggest you consider using cold pressing method.

2. The quality of oilseeds cake is best. Due to no high temperature process involved by cold pressing method, the protein in cakes keep original quality and can not be changed even if after pressing. So the oilseed cakes still have high nutritional value.

Hot pressing method:

When the oil seed feeding temperature into oil press machine is above 80℃, it is called hot pressing method.

Generally, there is one cooking machine before pressing, whose function is mainly to adjust the temperature and water content in oil seeds, increase oilseeds temperature, to meet the requirement by oil presser, and increase final oil yield.

The features of hot pressing method:

1. High oil yield. After cooking then pressing, nearly all the oil in oil seeds will be extracted.

2. Smell best. Due to the cooking machine working with high temperature, the final oil smells and tastes best.

3. Low oil residual: After hot pressing, the residual oil in cakes is smallest.

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