Cottonseed oil refining process introduction

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Cottonseed oil refining process mainly includes five steps: degumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization and fractionation. Each step has different effect in the whole cottonseed oil refining process. You can continue reading to learn about the details.

1.Degumming process of cottonseed oil

The purpose of cottonseed oil degumming is to remove the colloidal impurities in crude oil, because colloidal impurities will influence the stability of cottonseed oil and the effect of cottonseed oil refining and further processing. Then how to degum in cottonseed oil refining process?

Usually add a certain amount phosphoric acid solution, which can make the colloidal impurity absorb water for cohesion. Then the colloidal impurities will sink to be separated with oil.

cottonseed oil degumming processDegumming process of cottonseed oil

2.Deacidification process of cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil deacidification is to remove the free fatty acid from crude cottonseed oil. Free fatty acid is also called FFA, which is the main factor to make the oil rancidity, so it should be removed. Cottonseed oil deacidification process has two kinds: chemical and physical. The chemical deacidification process is to add alkali liquor to react with FFA to generate nigre and the physical deacidification process is using high temperature steam to distill the FFA out.

cottonseed oil deacidification processChemical deacidification process of cottonseed oil

3.Decolorization process of cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil decolorization process is mainly to make the oil color more lighter, and qualified the national standard. In cottonseed oil refining process, use white clay to absorb the pigments and then filter the waste clay out. The whole decolorization process is state of vacuum, and the amount of white clay required should be calculated by the engineer based on the parameters of crude cottonseed oil and requirement of final oil.

cottonseed oil decolorization processThe decolorization process in batch type oil refinery plant

4.Deodorization process of cottonseed oil

Deodorization process of cottonseed oil often uses distillation principle. Inject high temperature steam, and the odors will be distilled out. The deodorization process can not only remove the odors from crude oil, but also improve smoke point, flavor, steadily and quality of final oil.

cottonseed oil deodorization processThe structure of continuous deodorization tower

5. Fractionation process of cottonseed oil

Cottonseed oil fractionation process is similar with palm oil. Through cooling, crystallization and filtration, you can get two parts: cottonseed oil olein and cottonseed oil stearine.

cotonseed oil fractionation machineThe cottonseed oil fractionation equipment 3d picture

These are the introduction of cottonseed oil refining process. If you still have any questions or want to set up a cottonseed oil refinery plant, welcome you to send the message to us. Our sales manager will contact you as soon as possible.

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