2tpd groundnut oil extraction machine is shipped to Nigeria

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On 9th July 2019, a unit of 2tpd groundnut oil extraction machine and a cooker are finished manufacturing, and are shipped to Nigeria.

groundnut oil extraction machineThe groundnut oil extraction machine and cooker are packed in the wooden case

These machines are ordered by a Nigerian lady, who met our director in Lagos in May, when our director went there for building our warehouse. She discussed the requirement with our director, and chose the machine types which she wants to buy. Through talking, she thought if she buy our machine, she don't have to worry about the after-sale problem anymore, because Doing Company can provide best after-sale service in local Nigeria when the warehouse are finished, so she signed the contract directly.

In June, she paid Naira for us because Nigerian bank lacks of dollars at that time. Doing Factory began to arrange the manufacturing of groundnut oil extraction machine and cooker. Until the beginning of July, 2tpd groundnut oil extraction machine and a cooker are finished manufacturing.

groundnut oil extraction machineThe machines ordered by our Nigerian customer

The groundnut oil extraction machine she ordered is an integrated oil press machine with two filter buckets. And the cooker is an electric drum frying pan. They are suitable for mini groundnut oil mill, with input capacity from 1tpd to 10tpd. Besides it can process groundnut oil, it can also process soybean oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil, cotton seed oil and other vegetable oil. If you have other needs, our engineers of Henan Doing Company can customize the machines and input capacity for you. Welcome to contact us!

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