The 0.5TPD edible oil refining equipment have been successfully shipped from Henan Doing company to Uganda

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On January 28, 2024, the 0.5TPD edible oil refining equipment were successfully shipped from Henan Doing company to Uganda. The following is a picture of loading in our company.

edible oil refining equipment.jpgThe 0.5TPD edible oil refining equipment to Uganda

The refining process of the 0.5TPD edible oil refining equipment were carried out in batches. The equipment operation is simple and flexible, and the investment is low. Moreover, this kind of edible oil refinery machine can be suitable for frequently replacing various kinds of crude oil, so customers can use this edible oil refinery machine to refine other oil materials.

edible oil refining equipment.jpgEdible oil refining equipment

Henan Doing can provide different types of edible oil refinery machine, such as Batch Type Edible Oil Refinery Machine, semicontinuous Edible Oil Refinery Machine, Full-continuous Edible Oil Refinery Machine, and Dewaxing, Winterization, and Fractionation Machine. Our company also can provide professional refining solutions for different oil types. This set of 0.5TPD edible oil refining equipments ordered by Ugandan customers has stable operation, high processing efficiency and good oil quality.

Other edible oil refining equipments.jpgOther edible oil refining equipments

After the production order for the edible oil refining equipment was issued to the Henan Doing factory, the factory workers immediately started the production process according to the requirements and details on the production order. Finally, on January 28, 2024, the entire set of edible oil refining equipments were successfully loaded and shipped to Uganda.

Henan Doing prides itself on obtaining several utility model patents and invention patents, boasting tremendous technological strength. Our independent technical R&D team has professional manufacturing and service capabilities to provide customers with personalized equipment solutions and full-cycle services. If you are planning to start an edible oil refinery business in Uganda, welcome to contact us!

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