Doing Factory has taken on a new look to bring you better visiting experience

News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:Jan 28, 2021

Every time when our customer came to visit Henan Doing Company, they would all go to Doing Factory to see the model machine or the equipment manufacturing process. For better visiting experience of customers, our CEO Mr. Zheng and Factory director Mr. Tao replan the factory.

doing factoryDoing Factory

The whole factory are pided into reception area, office area, model machine display area, raw material storage area, machine manufacturing area, etc.

doing factoryThe reception area in Doing Factory

The hall of Doing Factory is the reception area. Here, customer can learn about our machines and our projects in different countries through the pictures on the wall.

cooking oil making machineThe model machine display area in Doing Factory

Some cooking oil making machine and refinery machine display here. Customer can watch their inner structure while listening to the sales manager's introduction. But I must remind you that don't take photographs here.

Through changing, we hope you will like the new look of our Doing Factory. And welcome you to visit!

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