Belgian customer purchased 5 tons per hour palm oil production line from Henan Glory Company

News / Chat on line / Give me a price / Date:2022-09-16

Good news! On September 6, 2022, a Belgian customer successfully placed an order for a 5 t/h palm oil production line at Henan Glory Company. 5 tons per hour palm oil production line sterilization tank, threshing machine, mashing tank, oil press, rotary vibrating screen, sand settling tank, plate and frame filter, vacuum drying system, oil storage tank, boiler and other equipment.

5 tons per hour palm oil production line5 tons per hour palm oil production line

A Belgian client acquired an old palm oil factory and palm orchard in Liberia and wanted to engage in palm oil production. Customers get in touch with us through whatsapp and put forward their own equipment requirements. Customers pay more attention to the quality of our equipment. Through multiple video communications, we show the factory. Customers trust our equipment and clarify their purchase intentions.

After the equipment is determined, the customer pays more attention to the details of the equipment installation. Our engineers gave detailed explanations to customers through video conferences with customers. In addition, the customer wants the layout of our equipment, he wants to design his own old factory, and decides to buy the layout of our equipment. After solving the customer's concern, the customer can place an order and pay with confidence on September 6th.

Thanks Belgium for its support and affirmation of Henan Glory Company. "Pursuit of excellence" is the theme of Henan Glory Company. We will make every effort to achieve better results and strive for the top. Welcome interested customers to visit and guide cooperation!


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