Niger customer successfully purchased 10TPD palm oil fractionation machine from Henan Glory Company

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On April 4, 2023, a customer from Niger purchased two sets of 10TPD palm oil fractionation machine from Henan Glory Company.

10TPD palm oil fractionation machine from Henan Glory Company.jpg10TPD palm oil fractionation machine from Henan Glory Company

The customer is a CEO of one shipping company , now they want expand their business and do some Shift to Manufacturing development, first they want to do some business about palm oil pressing machine, palm oil refinery machine, and palm oil fractionation machine, after consult our palm oil refinery machine and palm oil fractionation machine, He believed in our equipment and technology, and decided to start with 10TPD palm oil fractionation machine.

He places great important on the quality of the equipment and he also hopes to purchase suitable machine as a more favorable price. After multiple comparisons, the customer was very impressed with the following aspect of our equipment, and ultimately chose us.

One is the designprocess of machine:

The design process of our 10 tons per day palm oil fractionation machine contains two crystallization tanks, one is used to heat the crude oil to melt the crystals in the crude oil, so as to avoid affecting the quality of stearin and olein after fractionation. We will use a refrigeration unit to provide frozen water for the crystallization tank to reduce the temperature of the oil. After reaching about 5-6 degrees, we will pump the oil into the filter through the pipeline to filter out the stearin in the oil. There will be a stearin tank under the filter to store the hard fat, and the upper part of the stearin tank there are blades to divide the stearin into small pieces to prevent it from falling from the filter and damaging the equipment. There is a heating coil at the bottom of our stearin tank, which can heat the hard fat into a liquid state, which helps the pump to drive the hard fat outside, and the filtered olein will be pumped into the outdoor olein tank.

Crystallization tank.jpgCrystallization tank

Our frozen water tank is divided two part, one part is used to store the hot water from the crystallization tank, because the temperature of the frozen water will rise after entering the crystallization tank, and the other part is used to store the frozen water with a lower temperature, and energy saving is realized by alternating cold and heat. In addition, we also have an oil cleaning tank, the oil cleaning tank is also divided into two parts, one part is used to store compressed air, used to blow off the grease on the filter to reduce the loss of your grease, and the other part is used for storage To clean the residual stearin on the filter cloth, the whole production line is fully equipped with low loss and complete process, and the customer is very satisfied with our design.

Cooling water tank.jpgCooling water tank

The second is the strength of our company:

Beside this customer also pay attention to the strength of our company, through video call with customer I show our company and our factory to him, they believed we are a large-scale professional cooking oil processing machine company. By showing many of our successful project cases, customers have more trust in our strength and finally choose us.

Factory of Henan Glory Company.jpgFactory of Henan Glory Company

Besides palm oil fractionation machine, we are also a professional manufacturer of other types of cooking oil processing machine, such as peanut oil, soybean oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed oil and so on. We have a professional engineer team that can provide one-to-one customized services to meet your various needs. If you have any needs, please feel free to contact us, contact information: +86 13526627860.

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