What types of groundnuts should I choose for improving the groundnut oil production?

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For groundnut oil production, choose high quality oil seed(groundnut seeds) is very important. Using high quality groundnuts to produce groundnut oil not only can get high quality groundnut oil, but also can improve the groundnut oil production. Then what types of groundnuts should you choose? 

If you decided to use groundnuts with shells, you had better choose those whose shell lines are clear and deep, and the particle shape is full. Because generally, these kinds of groundnuts have full seeds, with high oil content.

groundnutChoose high quality groundnuts to produce groundnut oil

If your planned to use dry groundnut kernels without the shells, you'd better to choose complete kernels with smooth surface, no trauma and insect moth. Because aflatoxin in the moldy groundnuts is bad for human people, choosing high quality groundnut kernels can guarantee the groundnut oil quality.

Another else, if you need to buy the groundnuts, you had better to choose fresh groundnuts harvested in the same year, not those stored for many years. Because the groundnuts stored for many years is easy to moldy, which will affect the quality of groundnut oil and reduce the groundnut oil production.

Finally, you should know that the impurities content and water content of groundnut will also influence the groundnut oil production. So when production, you need use cleaning machines and roaster to process the groundnuts ahead, which can also improve the groundnut oil production.

groundnut oil production machineThe machines you can choose to use for improving the groundnut oil production

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