What is the important role of oil seed pretreatment machines in cooking oil processing?

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In the process of cooking oil processing, oil seeds should be pretreated and then pressed to get crude oil. The oil seed pretreatment machines play an important role in the cooking oil processing process, which can improve the oil yield of oil seeds and maximize the benefit of the factory. It's indispensable for large and medium-sized cooking oil manufacturers.

Cooking oil processing plantsCooking oil processing plants

The oil seed pretreatment machines mainly include vibrating screen, magnetic separator, stone removing machine, softening pot, rolling embryo machine, puffing machine, steaming pan, etc. Due to the different features of oil seeds, the selection of oil seeds pretreatment machines in the production process is also different. Take the soybean as an example, because the water content of the soybean is less, the hardness is larger, so it needs to be softened, which greatly reduces the damage to the press, improving the yield of soybean oil.

Soybean oil pretreatment machinesSoybean oil pretreatment machines

Oil seeds pretreatment machines also have many important functions, such as:

1. After cleaning and removing impurities by vibrating screen, magnetic separator and stone removing machine, large and small impurities and stones are removed to get cleaner oil seeds, which is convenient for subsequent pressing and improves the quality of wool oil, and reducing the wear of the subsequent machines.

2. The oil seed raw material can also be softened through the pretreatment process, putting the oil seeds in a state more suitable for pressing and increasing the oil yield.

3. Oil seeds pretreatment machines can be used to roll out some of the oil seeds in advance, reduce the residual oil rate of oil seed and improve the production efficiency of the factory.

Oil seeds pretrement cleaning machinesOil seeds pretrement cleaning machines

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