How to extract soybean oil from soybean cake?

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The main way to extract soybean oil from soybean cake is solvent extraction. In the process of soybean oil solvent extraction, we're going to use soybean oil solvent extraction equipment.

soybean oil solvent extraction equipmentSoybean oil solvent extraction equipment

Extracting soybean oil from soybean cake mainly includes four processes: solvent extraction, miscella evaporation and stripping, wet meal desolvation and solvent recovery.(Recommend reading:soybean oil solvent extraction process)

In the solvent extraction section, n-hexane solvent is sprayed into the oil to fully mix the solvent and oil. The oil in the oil is extracted into the solvent by using the principle of mutual solubility between oil and solvent. This method obtains the mixed solution of organic solvent and soybean oil, which is called miscella.

The miscella evaporation stripping section is divided into two links. Firstly, the miscella is heated with indirect steam to remove the solvent in the form of boiling and evaporation. Then, in the stripping stage, direct steam is used to fully vaporize the solvent to achieve the purpose of removing the solvent. After solvent extraction, the wet meal from the extractor usually contains 20% - 40% solvent, which can be recycled through the wet meal desolvation section.

The wet meal desolvation section is divided into three links: pre-desolvation, direct steam desolvation and drying dehydration. Pre-desolvation is the process of taking certain measures to reduce the content of wet meal. Its purpose is to reduce the amount of steam consumed in the process of steam desolvation and reduce the water condensed in oil meal after steam desolvation. Direct steam desolvation is to use direct steam to pass through the material layer, and make the solvent contained in wet meal boil and volatilize after contact. This method can effectively remove the residual solvent in the oil meal. Drying and dehydration through drying, the moisture added by water vapor condensation and the original moisture contained in wet meal during desolvation are removed.

In the solvent recovery section, in the process of mixed oil evaporation, steam stripping, desolvation and drying, a large number of solvents become solvent vapor, and the solvent vapor becomes liquid solvent through condensation. The liquid solvent containing water is allowed to stand according to the different density of water and solvent to separate water and solvent. So far, the process of extracting soybean oil from soybean oil cake has been completed. The crude oil obtained has been further refined to become the final edible oil, and the solvent returns to the solvent extraction for reuse.

soybean oil solvent extraction processSoybean oil solvent extraction systems

After reading this article, I believe you have a deeper understanding of how to extract soybean oil from soybean oil cake. If you want to start soybean oil solvent extraction business and want to learn more information about soybean oil solvent extraction plant projects, equipment list and price list. Welcome to contact us, Henan Glory Company can supply a wide range of soybean oil processing machines to meet your needs.


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