What operations help to get more soybean oil in soybean oil mill plant?

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Soya bean oil is one of the most commonly used oils in the world and one of the most popular edible oil. However, the oil content of soybean oil is relatively low, only have 18%-22%. So how can soybean oil mill plant improve oil extraction rate is worth discussing. Today we will discuss how to improve the oil yield of soybean oil mill plant in combination with the production process of soybean oil.

soybean oil processing plantSoybean oil processing plant with capacity 1-1000 tons per day

1.Complete pretreatment process is useful to get more soybean oil.

soybean oil pretratment equipment Soybean pretreatment equipment

1) According to the cleanliness of your soybean, you can choose vibrating screen, magnetic separator,de-stone machine and other equipment to remove impurities in the soybean, which on the one hand can improve the oil extraction rate, on the other hand can also reduce the wear of hard impurities on the subsequent soybean oil processing equipment.

2) According to the size of the soybean, the crusher can be selected. If the material is too large, it needs to be broken to increase the contact area, which is conductive to the subsequent feeding of the machine.

3) According to the situation of the temperature and humidity of the soybean, you can choose the softening machine to adjust the temperature and moisture of the soybean. The softening machine can increase the plasticity of oil, reduce the powder degree and sticky roller phenomenon when pressing the embryo.

4) To facilitate the extraction of soybean oil, you can choose the flaking machine to increase the oilseeds contact area. The flaking machine will press the oil into thin sheet, which can destroy the structure of the cell, and shorten the oil path through which the oil is extracted.

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2. Cooking oil solvent extraction plant also helps improve the yield of soybean oil;

soybean oil solvent extraction plantSoybean oil solvent extraction plant

In addition to the preparation in the soybean oil pretreatment stage, we can also choose the cooking oil solvent extraction process to improve the oil extraction rate of soybean oil. Pretreated soybeans can be puffed in the puffing machine, so that the bulk density of soybeans will increase, more internal voids will appear, cell tissue will be destroyed, and there will be more free oil on cell surface. Then it enters the solvent extraction section and extracts the soybean with chemical solvent to improve the oil extraction rate.

3. Experienced skilled worker is another important initiative to improve the oil yield of soybean oil.

In addition to the efforts that can be made in the oil extraction process, the proficiency of the workers is also very important. For example, experienced skilled workers will be able to set the equipment to the best condition, and skillfully set the equipment to the temperature and moisture required for the oilseeds, and the soybean oil yield will be improved without waste.

If only the soybean oil processing equipment is good and the workers are not skilled, the machine will not be used well. If you want to get more soybean oil to create greater economic value, Henan Glory Company suggests you make some efforts from the above aspects.

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