How is rice bran oil made in the rice bran oil mill factory?

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Rice bran oil became very popular in 2004 and was recommended to be one of the best and healthier cooking oil. Especially Japanese, they love the rice bran oil very much. They use rice bran oil for frying, BBQs, salad dressing and baking. But most of us don't know how rice bran oil is made in the rice bran oil mill factory. Even some people don't know what rice bran is.

What is rice bran?

rice branThe structure of paddy rice

As the above picture shows rice bran is the hard outer layers of refined rice. It consists of the combined aleurone and pericarp, often produced as a byproduct of milling in the production of refined rice. So 100kg brown rice can only get 5-8kg rice bran. And the oil content of rice bran is low, about 10−23%. Therefore, if you want to start a rice bran oil mill factory, the enough rice bran is the first necessary condition.

How is rice bran oil made in the rice bran oil mill factory?

Because the rice bran is easy to deteriorate in storage, it need be pretreated immediately after receipting. The rice bran pretreatment machines have four kinds: cleaning machine, moisture conditioning machine, puffing machine and drying machine.

rice bran oil machineThe rice bran pretreatment machines used in rice bran oil mill factory

1. The cleaning machine is to separate the broken rice and rice bran.

2. The moisture conditioning machine is used to adjust the temperature and moisture of rice bran.

3. The puffing machine is to change the inner structure of rice bran, in order to make the leaching process more easily.

4. The drying machine is used to dry the puffed rice bran, and make it have much longer time to storage, about 10-15 days.

The second workshop used to make rice bran oil is rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop. It uses n-hexane as the solvent to extract rice bran oil from puffed rice bran. There are four processes in the whole rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop: rice bran oil extraction -- wet meal desolventizing -- mixed oil steaming and stripping -- solvent cooling and recycling.

rice bran oil solvent extraction processThe four processes in the whole rice bran oil solvent extraction workshop

Now, you may ask why use solvent extraction process to make rice bran oil, and why not use press way. The first reason is that because rice bran's oil content is very low, if use press way, there will be a lot residual oil. It is not economic for the producers. The other reason is that puffing & leaching method is the most advanced technology for making rice bran oil in the world so far. Its oil residual rate is less than 1%, which can maximize the interests of producers.

rice bran oil refining machineThe three types of rice bran oil refining machine

After being extracted, the crude rice bran oil should be refined in the third workshop -- rice bran oil refining workshop. The rice bran oil refining process contains degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization four processes. Besides, the rice bran oil also need dewaxing. After these five steps, the rice bran oil can reach the Grade 1 national standard.

rice bran oil filling machineThe rice bran oil filling and packaging workshop

At last, in the rice bran oil mill factory, the last workshop is the rice bran oil filling and packaging workshop. Generally, rice bran oil mill factory uses automatic edible oil filling and packaging line. In this way, less labor is needed and the workshop is very clean.

The whole rice bran oil making process in the rice bran oil mill factory has been introduced step by step. Using puffing & leaching technology to make rice bran oil is the best recommendation of our Henan Doing Company's engineers. We have rich experience in designing the process and manufacturing the rice bran oil extraction machines. If you need, contact us!

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