How can I get more fragrant peanut oil in peanut oil processing process?

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Fragrant peanut oil is a peanut oil with a strong fragrance made by a unique processing technology. It is loved by many consumers because this unique processing technology retains the natural ingredients and fragrance of the peanut oil itself. The detailed fragrant peanut oil processing technology designed by Henan Glory is as the following picture shows:

Firstly, clean the peanut raw materials to remove the impurities like iron filings, weeds, sands and stones, etc.

Secondly, sieve the peanuts, and then separate 20% medium-sized peanuts out.

Thirdly, the 20% medium-sized peanuts and other peanuts will be processed following different production processes to ensure that more fragrant peanut oil is obtained.

peanut oil processing processFragrant peanut oil processing technology

(1) 20% medium-sized peanuts

①Cooking: cook the peanut so that the temperature and moisture of peanuts can be adjusted to a better state.

②Crushing: crush the cooked peanut into small particles so that the peanut oil can be better extracted, and the fragrance of peanut oil can be better emitted.

(2) Other peanuts

①Crushing: crush the peanuts into small particles for better flaking effect.

②Flaking: flake the crushed peanut particles to destroy the cell structure of peanuts and shorten the oil path.

③Cooking: cook the peanut flakes to adjust temperature and moisture of flakes to the best state for pressing and improve the oil yield.

Fourthly, press the processed 20% medium-sized peanuts particles and other processed peanut flakes together to extract more fragrant peanut oil.

fragrant peanut oil processing machineFragrant peanut oil processing machine

The above is the processing technology of aromatic peanut oil. As a professional and leading manufacturer of edible oil processing machine, whether you want to process peanut oil or more fragrant peanut oil, Henan Glory company can customize excellent processing solutions and high quality peanut oil processing machine for you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for free quotation if interested!

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