What factors will influence the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost?

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As professional manufacturer of cooking oil manufacturing plant, we can provide different capacities cooking oil manufacturing plant with different costs, since each client has different budget plans for starting the cooking oil business. Here, we would like to introduce you some factors that will influence the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost.

cooking oil manufacturing processDifferent oil seeds need different pretreatment machines

First, it depends on what raw materials you want to process. Some clients will choose common oil seeds like soybean, peanut, sunflower seed, rapeseed or sesame, and other clients may choose special oil seeds like palm fruits and palm kernels. After confirming your raw material, our engineer can recommend suitable machines for you accordingly and this may influence the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost.

Second, machine capacities will also influence the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost. For common oil seeds processing, we can provide pretreatment and pressing workshop, solvent extraction plant and oil refinery plant. If your input capacity is small, and only want oil seeds pretreatment and oil press machine, then your cooking oil manufacturing cost will be low. 

palm oil mill plant1-5tph palm oil mill plant 3d picture

For palm oil and palm kernel oil processing, we can provide pressing line, refinery line and fractionation plant. 1-5tph small scale palm oil mill plant is very popular among African clients. Of course, the cost is much lower.

Third and most importantly, the machine configuration and processing technology will also affect the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost. Like for more than 30tpd input capacity, only using pressing method will cost lower than that using pre-pressing and solvent extraction combination method. But the second method will get more crude oil, so that you can get more profits. It totally depends on your choice. Our engineers can design suitable proposal for you and give you best choice within your budget.

Starting a cooking oil manufacturing plant, there is much more to consider when refers to the total cost, like the civic cost, worker cost, tax cost and so on. Above are some factors that can influence the cooking oil manufacturing plant cost from the machine aspect. If you want to know more about how to start such cooking oil manufacturing plant and its cost, it is never too late to contact us!

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