The difference between physical refining and chemical refining of edible oil

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Edible oil refining method can be devided into physical refining and chemical refining methods. Many customers don't know their difference clearly. Now, I will simplely expain it.

edible oil refinery processPhysical refining and chemical refining process flow chart

Physical refining of edible oil is purely physical of degumming, deacidificaton, decolorization and deodorization, without any chemical reaction.

Chemical refining of edible oil will use some alkali liquor to neutralize the acid in crude oil. When the crude oil is with high acid value, it is often used.

Sometimes, physical refining and chemical refining methods will be used simultaneously according to the quality of the crude oil.

As for which refining technology is better, it depends on your requirement. You can tell us your specifications of crude oil, and the requirement of final edible oil, and our engineers will design the most suitable proposal for you, to help you build a best quality and cost-effective edible oil refinery plant.

Henan Doing Company has engaged in edible oil refinery plant filed many years, and built many projects in Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Malaysia, Kenya, Nigeria, and so on.

About the edible oil refinery plant, Doing Company can do the input capacity from 1ton/day to 500tons/day. For the different capacity, the refining technology are different. Welcome to contact us!

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