What is the production process of cottonseed oil? What equipment is needed?

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Cottonseed oil is the oil pressed from cotton seeds, is darker red in color than other oils. After refining, it can be eaten by humans. It contains a lot of essential fatty acids, and it is best mixed with animal fat for consumption. So what is the production process of the cottonseed oil? What equipment is needed?

ottonseed oil production process.jpgCottonseed oil production process

Before pressing we need to process the raw material, which consists of many steps. The first is to clean up the seeds, generally we will use different equipment to clean up different impurities. Firstly, disc huller is used to clean up the light impurities, then, hull beater is used to clean up the metal impurities in the raw materials to prevent damage to the equipment in the subsequent production process, we will then have clean seeds.

Secondly, these clean cottonseed will be processed by the cracker in small pieces, which is to increase the oil yield and at the same time reduce the production pressure of the subsequent equipment. At this point we will get a mixture of shells and kernels and will need a kernel-shell separation system to extract the kernels from the mixture. The next step is to roll the raw material, which is pressed into small piece to improve the oil yield. The next step is the cook the seeds, which aims to bring the temperature and humidity of the seeds to the optimum before pressing to increase the oil yield. It is a very important step before the pressing. We use the vertical steam cooker, which has several layers for better results. According to the customer's demand, we also configure an auxiliary cooker above the oil press to ensure that the best conditions are maintained before the seeds enters the press.

Cottonseed oil processing machine.jpgCottonseed oil processing machine

Next, the cooked cottonseed enters the oil press for pressing to obtain crude cottonseed oil. Each of our models of oil presses will be tested several times before leaving the factory. We can ensure easy operation, high oil yield, low failure rate and many other advantages. The next step is filtration, to remove the impurities from the crude oil. When we get the crude oil, we need to refine it to get the cooking oil. The refinery has 4 steps of degumming, deacidification, decolorization and deodorization. When we finish these 4 steps, we can get the cooking oil. And the production is complete finished. (Recommend reading: Cottonseed oil processing plant)

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